All Aboard the Amtrak Cascades Seahawks Train

Laura Kingman Marketing manager, Amtrak Cascades WSDOT Rail, Freight and Ports Division Photo courtesy of WSDOT

Amtrak Cascades and WSDOT teamed up with the Seattle Seahawks to create some fun for you. With the help of the Seahawks, we have created special offers, contests and a campaign to encourage people to stay safe around trains and train tracks.
We unveiled the new partnership with the Seattle Seahawks in October. With the Seahawks logo blazing, a “We are 12” banner on the top of the train, and CenturyLink Field in the background, the Amtrak Cascades Seahawks train swooped into Seattle’s King Street Station for the first time to a cheering crowd that included Seahawks fans, Blitz, the Sea Gals and Seahawks’ Hall of Famer Walter Jones.
The Amtrak Cascades Seahawks train will be in service for several months along the corridor between Vancouver, BC and Eugene, Oregon. If you are lucky, it could be your train!
See more of Doug Baldwin in 2017
Our Seahawks partnership continues in January 2017, with Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin serving as our spokesman for our major rail safety campaign. The goal is to reduce the number of train-related fatalities and injuries, create overall awareness of the importance of train safety, and make people more cautious and alert around trains, tracks and crossings. Watch for Baldwin’s message in local media and check out opportunities to meet him and win autographed footballs as part of the Stay Back From The Tracks campaign.

Special Fares
Now is always a great time to ride Amtrak Cascades! Visit for all active specials.